The Minister of Justice and Equality has signed Statutory Instrument, 569 of 2011 which introduces a Statutory application fee  and new application forms for a certificate of Naturalisation. This statutory instrument comes into effect from the 10th November, 2011. From that date only applications made on the new version of the forms will be accepted by Citizenship Section. Any applications made on the old forms cannot be accepted and will be returned in their entirety.

With effect from 10th November, 2011 each application for a certificate of naturalisation received on or after that date must be accompanied by the prescribed application fee of €175. This fee is non-refundable – even if you have lodged an ineligible application. Before lodging your application, you should ensure that you are eligible for naturalisation and that your application is valid. To assist you, the application form contains detailed information on application requirements and an online residency calculator is available on the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website, to help you verify that you satisfy the residency conditions.