If you have been in an accident at a public event and if you have been injured as a result you may be entitled to claim compensation if that accident was not your fault. Typically such accident claims arise during the course of events such as concerts, music festivals, sporting events and other public events. Accident claims occurring at public events are a very common occurrence particularly in light of the growing number of festivals and concerts in Ireland.

Who is responsible for the Accident?

If you are claiming for an accident which occurred at a public event then it is very important to establish from the outset that party responsible for the accident.

Often there are a number of parties which could be involved from event organising companies, security companies and equipment hire companies.

It will be up to your Solicitor to carry out the relevant enquiries and to establish the party at fault for your injuries.

Many of the cases that we have seen in relation to clients who have been involved in an accident at a public event have arisen because of crowd control issues, poorly erected barriers and fencing, lack of adequate security to prevent injuries and lack of cleaning personnel to clear hazards and to maintain the grounds and pathways in a safe manner for the public.

What to do when you have an accident at a Public Event?

  • Gather evidence in relation to the hazard which caused the accident as soon as possible.  You should take photographs of the hazard or safety breach.
  • It is also essential to take details of all witnesses to the accident in order to corroborate your story for the purpose of your case.
  • The accident should be reported to the relevant personnel as soon as possible.  For example if you have an accident at a concert or public event the accident should be reported to the event organisers and event officials present.
  • It is important that you get the names of those whom you report the accident to and if possible details of the company for whom they are employed.
  • Seek medical attention in relation to your injury as soon as possible after the accident.

How to start a Public Event Accident Personal Injury Claim?

The first step in every injury claim arising from a public event is to prepare the case for lodging with the Injuries Board.  If you have been involved in an accident at a public event and wish to take a public event accident claim, Sinnott Solicitors will be in a position to assist you to take your claim and to help you achieve the maximum compensation available.

Wayne’s case – accident took place at a concert in a public park

Wayne attended a rock concert which took place at a public park in Dublin.

He was standing near the metal barrier that had been erected for the purpose of the concert when a group of individuals managed to get over the barriers to the other side, presumably unknown to security personnel.

The group of individuals were extremely intoxicated and were present at the other side of the barrier for a good deal of time. Every other patron was at the correct side of the metal barriers including Wayne.

No effort was made to remove the individuals or to direct them back inside the barriers. The group of individuals started to push against the barriers and as a consequence one of the metal barriers fell on top of Wayne causing him superficial bruising to the back of his head and damage to his neck and shoulders.

Wayne took a personal injuries claim against the security company and the event organisers and we settled Wayne’s claim for a sum of €14,500 together with a sum of €617 for his out of pocket medical expenditure and his loss of earnings.In addition to the settlement award and special damages achieved we also managed to secure Wayne’s costs from the Insurance Company of the Defendants.

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