Effective from 2 September 2013, the Department of Justice and Equality (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service – INIS), in agreement with the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, will pilot the Atypical Working Scheme. This Scheme will provide a streamlined mechanism to deal with atypical, short term employment where the nature of work is not governed by the Employment Permits Acts or by current administrative procedures under the Employment Permits Acts.

The Atypical Working Scheme applies to non-EEA nationals who, in certain circumstances, are required by a company/organisation based in the State to undertake short term contract work –

1.where a skill shortage has been identified; provide a specialised or high skill to an industry, business or academic institution; facilitate trial employment in respect of an occupation on the Highly Skilled Occupations List (see; facilitate paid internships in respect of non-EEA full time students studying outside the State (excluding medical internships).

Applications will be considered by INIS and, where applicable, in consultation with the Employment Permits Section of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation for assessment of possible impact on the labour market.

The Atypical Working Scheme does not apply to (i) persons entering the State for employment purposes of up to 14 calendar days (inclusive/consecutive), (ii) persons entering the State for normal business purposes of up to 90 calendar days (inclusive/consecutive) e.g. attending meetings/seminars, sales trips etc., (iii) persons who may avail of permission under the Van Der Elst Judgment or (iv) persons who avail of the Highly Skilled Job Interview Authorisation initiative.

Applications to avail of this Scheme must be made by the non-EEA applicant on the Application Form provided by the Department of Justice and Equality.

non-refundable application fee of €250 to be paid by the non-EEA applicant applies and should be submitted with the application form.  A letter of confirmation from the Irish based host body should also be submitted as part of the application.

The Department of Justice have advised that an application under this initiative does not guarantee a positive response.

As this is a new pilot project, the Department of Justice has requested that Applicants please allow for a processing time of at least two weeks. Arrangements to enter the State should not be made prior to receipt of the INIS notification.