Single Employment Permit Procedure

In a further announcement, the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke have announced that they have received Government consent to commence work on the implementation of a single permit to work and live in Ireland. At present Non-EEA nationals who are outside of the State and need [...]

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Expansion of Stamp 1G

It has been announced by the Minister for Justice that as of the 15th of May 2024, eligible spouses and partners of General Employment Permit and Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit holders are now eligible for a Stamp 1G permission to remain. To date spouses in this category have only been entitled to permission to remain [...]

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Stamp 4 Eligibility Criteria

In November 2013 the practice of Stamp 4 support letters issuing by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment for Critical Skills Employment Holders was abolished.  Since then, persons applying for a Stamp 4 permission to remain on completion of a Critical Skills Employment Permit or Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors on a Multi-Site General Employment Permit [...]

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Significant Changes to Employment Permit System for 2024

The Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail has announced significant changes to the Employment Permits system from January 2024. The main changes include: 11 Occupations added to the Critical Skills list 32 Occupations removed from the Ineligible Occupations list Salary threshold for General Employment Permits to increase from €30,000 to €34,000 per [...]

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Employment Permit Update regarding Stamp 4 Support letters – No longer accepted after 30th November

Immigration Service Delivery has just announced that from 30th November 2023, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) will no longer take applications for Stamp 4 Support letters. This will have an impact on Critical Skills Employment permit Holders and NCHC multi-site general Employment permit holders wishing to transfer to a Stamp 4 Immigration [...]

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Public Consultation on Review of Employment Permit Occupation Lists 2023

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has opened the consultation process on the review of occupations which are listed on the Critical Skills Occupations List and Ineligible Occupations List. The consultation process which opened today the 26th of June, invites submissions from interested parties with respect to amendments of these lists, including the removal [...]

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Employment Permit News

STAMP 4 PERMISSION TO REMAIN FOR NON-CONSULTANT HOSPITAL DOCTORS  The Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment have recently announced that Non Consultant Hospital Doctors working in public hospitals on a General Employment Permit who have completed 21 months of employment may now apply for a Stamp 4 Support Letter. Previously only doctors who were the [...]

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Changes to Irish Employment Permits System

The Minister for Business, Employment and Retail has announced that the government is to introduce new laws in the Autumn of 2022 which will revise and improve the Irish Employment permit system. The new laws are set to modernise the current employment permit’s structure which is highly restrictive due to the legislation governing same and [...]

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Irish Employment Permit News

Review of occupations list for employment permits to launch Q2 of 2022 The Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment have announced that a review of the Employment Permit Occupations List will launch during the second quarter of 2022. The Department acknowledges that following the COVID-19 pandemic the Irish labour force is dealing with significant [...]

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Plans in place to clear employment permit processing delays & backlog

It is well known that all sectors in the Irish labour market are acutely affected by the chronic labour shortage presently being experienced in the country. Employers are struggling to fill positions which is having a severe impact on a huge number of businesses at present. Many employers who cannot fill positions with non-Irish or [...]

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