New Irish Citizenship Application Form April 2023

Following on our recent article regarding changes to the passport submission process when applying for Irish citizenship, the Immigration Service Delivery have released a new version of the Form 8 Application by a person of full age for naturalisation as an Irish Citizen (CTZ3) application form. The new application form Version 7.0 April 2023 was [...]

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Citizenship News – Passport Certifications

The Immigration Service Delivery have announced that persons applying for Irish citizenship will no longer be required to submit a full certified copy of their current and previous passports in support of their application. From the 20th of April, persons applying for Irish citizenship are required to submit a certified copy of the biodata page [...]

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Nonito Barbero joins Sinnott Solicitors as immigration consultant

Barrister Nonito Barbero has joined Sinnott Solicitors as an immigration consultant. The firm, which specialises in immigration and personal injury litigation, has offices in Dublin and Cork and recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. Mr Barbero joined the firm in March from Fragomen, where he also worked as an immigration consultant. Writing on LinkedIn, he said: [...]

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Temporary Protection Directive for Ukrainians

IRELAND ACTIVATES THE EU TEMPORARY PROTECTION DIRECTIVE FOR PERSONS FLEEING WAR IN UKRAINE The European Union Temporary Protection Directive (2001/55 EC) which allows Ukrainian nationals, their family members and certain other non-EEA nationals to apply for temporary protection in Ireland has now commenced. Who is eligible to avail of Temporary Protection in Ireland? The following [...]

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New Irish Residence Permit Card

The Department of Justice have announced the introduction of a new form of the Irish Residence Permit (IRP Card) valid from the 1st of March 2022. IRP Cards are issued to non-EEA nationals who are registered with the Irish immigration authorities as living, working, studying in Ireland. The new version of the IRP Card includes [...]

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Irish Visas and Irish Passport Applications from Russia

Following the visa waiver announced by the Irish Department of Justice last week for Ukrainian citizens, our immigration team has received a substantial number of queries from Russian citizens and non-EEA national persons residing in Russia seeking to apply for visas to travel to Ireland. Examples include spouses of Irish citizens seeking to obtain Long [...]

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Irish visa waiver for Ukraine Citizens

The Irish government has announced that Ukraine nationals will no longer require a visa in order to enter the Irish State. Ordinarily Ukrainian nationals travelling to Ireland are required to obtain pre-entry clearance by way of an Irish visa in order to enter the State however in light of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, [...]

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Extension of Afghan Admission Programme

The Immigration Service Delivery of the Department of Justice has announced that the closing date for applications pursuant to the Afghan Admission Program has been extended to the 11th March of 2022. Previously the scheme had been scheduled to close on the 24th of February 2022 however due to a lack of clarity on some [...]

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Minister McEntee announces further temporary extension of immigration permissions

Minister McEntee announces further temporary extension of immigration permissions Applies to permissions due to expire between 15 January 2022 and 31 May 2022 Extension applies to people with permissions extended under previous notices For permissions registered by the Immigration Service in Dublin and An Garda Síochána nationwide For the full announcement, see the following link: [...]

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Afghan Admissions Programme Announcement

The Minister for Justice has issued a press release to confirm the opening of the Afghan Admissions Programme. The Programme will open for a period of eight weeks from 16th December for 2021 and it will enable Afghan nationals living in Ireland to apply for temporary residence for close family members in Afghanistan to join [...]

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