Workplace Accident Claims & Compensation

Many employees are involved in workplace accidents which cause them to suffer injuries.  They types of workplace accidents that we come across are mainly due to a hazard that exists within the workplace, unsafe work practices and a general lack of the duty of care on the part of the employer. Sinnott Solicitors through their [...]

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Some Recent Personal Injury Case Results at the High Court

Jacqueline Whelan v Castle Leslie Equestrian Holidays Ltd, March 2018 No. 2017/5848 P [2018] IEHC 12 Damages - Personal injury - Accident - Finding of facts - Special damages - General damages – Damages €52,122 Facts: The plaintiff claimed damages for the injuries she had suffered in an accident while participating in a horse-riding exercise [...]

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Hillwalker Gets €40,000 Compensation in Landmark Case

A Hillwalker Has Been Awarded Compensation in The Sum of €40,000 as A Result of Being Injured when She Fell on A Rotting Boardwalk on The Wicklow Way. She took her case against the National Parks and Wildlife Service who were responsible for the erection of the boardwalk. It is the first time that a [...]

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Fisherman Awarded 60k Compensation for Injuries

A Fisherman Who Is from Bray, County Wicklow, Was Awarded €60,000 in Compensation for Injury. He Broke His Ankle While Trying to Climb a Makeshift Fence Trying to Get Access to The Dargle River in Bray Co. Wicklow. Mr Brien (the plaintiff) of Greenpark Road, in Bray, in Co Wicklow sued Siac construction Ltd, Clondalkin, Dublin, [...]

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Six Figure Sum Awarded for Whiplash Claim

The Plaintiff in this case was injured in a Road Traffic Accident suffering severe whiplash to her neck and shoulder which continued for four years after the event. The Plaintiff's life was greatly affected by the injuries requiring assistance with housework, carrying shopping and gardening. Her work life was also effected in circumstances where she [...]

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Personal Injury News Roundup: 4 March 2015

This has been a busy week of court news reportage of personal injury claims and this week we bring you a number of interesting cases which were carried in the Irish Examiner. €50,000 for post traumatic stress Personal injury claims for psychological injury whilst not exactly commonplace are starting to feature in the courts more [...]

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What Is Industrial Deafness Claims & how You Can Get It?

Industrial deafness is not uncommon. This type of deafness is caused due to excessive noise at workplace. As industrial deafness can cause serious injuries to the ears, victims can make claims for the same. Any person who has suffered from industrial deafness can make claim for deafness compensation. However, the claimant must be able to [...]

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Useful Advice for Road Traffic Accident

If ever you happen to suffer a personal injury at the scene of a road traffic accident, you must know how to act accordingly. By taking the correct course of action, it may enable you to make your case strong entitling you to the maximum compensation for your personal injury. Do not leave the place [...]

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Tips for Preventing Work Accidents

If you slip or fall or you get injured at work in circumstances where the accident is not your fault, you may be entitled to work accident compensation for injuries.* There are work accident solicitors to help you make a claim for compensation and to represent you in any court proceedings necessary. However as you [...]

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Children Aged 3 to 7 Have More Accidents

Children aged between three and seven are over three times more likely to have an accident resulting in a personal injury claim than infants aged three or less, new figures have shown. A study by found that children in the three-to-seven age group accounted for over a quarter of all awards to minors last [...]

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