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We at Sinnott Solicitors have extensive experience of property transactions and we provide a full legal service to purchasers and vendors of real estate in Ireland.

[We also adhere to transparent  fee policies and we have published a full price list below including VAT and outlay fees!]

Mortgage deed

Our Purchaser services include the following:

  • Full investigation of title
  • Registration of mortgage
  • Registration of ownership
  • Returning of title deed to lending institution

Our Vendor services include the following:

  • Taking up your title documents from your lending institution
  • Drafting contracts for sale
  • Dealing with queries from the purchasers Solicitors
  • Taking your sale to a conclusion

We offer a very efficient service at reasonable and competitive rates and we have set out our rates below.

Sinnott Solicitors - Conveyancing Fees Price List

Price of PropertyConveyancing Fee
First Registration Application€250 - €500 (depending on type of application necessary)
€50,000 to €200,000€1,500 plus VAT
€200,001 to €300,000€2,000 plus VAT
€300,001 to €400,000€2,500 plus VAT
€400,001 to €500,000€3,000 plus VAT
€500,001 to €600,000€3,000 plus VAT
€600,001 to €700,000€4,000 plus VAT
€700,001 to €800,000€4,500 plus VAT
€800,001 to €900,000€5,000 plus VAT
€900,001 to €1,000,000€5,500 plus VAT
€1,000,000 to €1,200,000€7,000 plus VAT
€1,200,001 to €1,300,000€7,500 plus VAT
€1,300,001 to €1,400,000€8,000 plus VAT
€1,400,001 to €1,500,000€8,500 plus VAT
€1,500,001 to €1,600,000€9,000 plus VAT
€1,600,001 to €1,700,000€9,500 plus VAT
€1,700,001 to €1,800,000€10,000 plus VAT
€1,800,001 to €1,900,000€10,500 plus VAT
€1,900,001 to €2,000,000€11,000 plus VAT
These are fees which are payable to the acting solicitor - additional third party outlay fees are listed below.


Conveyancing Fees – Third Party Outlays

All  fees are subject to VAT at a rate of 23%.  The outlay charged should be identical regardless of what solicitor you use because outlay is simply an administrative expense to your solicitor in dealing with the matter and not subject to profit or used as a means of charging an additional fee

The typical outlays in any property transaction are as follows:

  • Property Registration fees/Land Registry fees/Registry of Deeds fees which range from €575 to €975 and upwards for Land Registry and €600 upwards for registry of deeds titles to include first registration application.
  • Search fees to include planning search to be carried out against the property, the Vendor and Purchaser before closing the transaction- normally €100 to €200 depending on the type of searches required.
  • Swearing fees payable to a Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths for swearing documentation normally €30.
  • Miscellaneous items which can include stamp duty – 1% for residential property and 6% for commercial property, postage, stationary, couriers and Counsel’s advice or opinion on title if necessary.

Are you buying and selling at the same time?

Generally speaking if a person is buying and selling a property at the same time and if they require a Solicitor to act in both transactions, contact us below as it should be possible for us to provide you with a more competitive quotation because you are buying and selling at the same time.  

It is important that you use one Solicitor if you are buying and selling at the same time because of the importance of the timing of the closing in each case.  The need for the closing of each transaction to coincide is generally very pressing.

Steps involved in a typical transaction

Whether you are buying or selling a property the steps in a typical transaction are generally the same.

As a rule of thumb we say that it takes six to eight weeks to carry out a conveyancing transaction from start to finish and the timeframe is generally dependent on a number of factors including the efficiency of the Solicitor on the other side of a transaction.

Let’s take for example a purchaser who is purchasing a property and wishes to know the steps in the transaction. The steps* in the transaction are as follows:

  • Contact lending institution to obtain loan approval.
  • Agree sale price with Auctioneer.
  • Contact Solicitor to write to the seller’s Solicitor requesting the contracts for sale and title documentation for inspection.
  • Inform your lending institution of your Solicitors details so that your lending institution can send your Solicitor your mortgage documentation for signing.
  • Your Solicitor will obtain from the Vendor’s Solicitors the contracts for sale and title documentation and will raise a number of queries in relation to the documentation furnished.
  • Those queries will hopefully be answered to your Solicitors satisfaction at which point your Solicitor will call you to the office to sign contracts for sale and mortgage documentation.
  • A closing date is agreed between the parties.
  • Upon signing the contracts for sale the balance of the deposit is payable by the purchaser and generally speaking the deposit payable upon signing contracts is 10% of the purchase price.
  • After signing contracts the details of the closing of the sale are agreed between the purchasers and vendors Solicitors.
  • A further lengthy title questionnaire is furnished by the purchaser’s Solicitors for answering by the vendor’s Solicitors.
  • A list of closing requirements is drawn up by the purchasers Solicitor and agreed by the Solicitors for the vendor.
  • On the closing date the purchaser’s Solicitors and the vendor’s Solicitors meet to close the sale.
  • Prior to that closing searches are conducted by the purchasers Solicitors to ensure that there are no hidden burdens affecting the property or planning issues which may affect title.
  • If all matters are in order the sale may proceed to closing and the purchaser’s Solicitors will hand over the funds to the vendor’s Solicitors at which point the keys will be furnished to the purchasers and the sale is closed.
  • The purchaser’s Solicitor will then proceed to register the title in the name of the purchaser and will proceed to send the title deeds to the purchasers lending institution as the security for the loan that the lending institution requires.
  • Once the title deeds of the purchasers property leave the purchasers Solicitors office the purchasers Solicitors job is complete.

*Currently there are a growing number of properties which are sold by a receiver. The process in a receiver sale is slightly more complex and cumbersome for the purchasers solicitor and a certain degree of risk may be applicable to the purchaser in such a transaction.

If you have any further or other queries regarding our services we would be happy to speak with you and to provide you with any quotation or information necessary.

We also provide legal services in relation to:

  • Obtaining a mortgage
  • Commercial Letting Agreements
  • Site Acquisition

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