The Immigration Service Delivery of the Department of Justice has announced that the closing date for applications pursuant to the Afghan Admission Program has been extended to the 11th March of 2022. Previously the scheme had been scheduled to close on the 24th of February 2022 however due to a lack of clarity on some aspects of the programme, the immigration authorities have now extended the deadline to the 11th of March 2022.

The Afghan Admission Program was opened in December 2021 to facilitate the sponsorship of family members of certain Irish resident Afghan nationals and naturalised Irish citizens (previously Afghan nationals) to come to Ireland.

Some confusion arose during the course of the application process regarding the minor siblings of applicants or minor children of proposed single adult family members under the scheme. The Immigration Service Delivery have confirmed that sponsoring applicants can make an application on behalf of their minor siblings or on behalf of the minor children of the proposed single adult beneficiary under the programme.

On the application form under section 2A.8  “vulnerable adult close family member” should be chosen when completing the form under these circumstances when applying. Information regarding the relationship between the sponsor and proposed beneficiary must be included under section 2A.8 (a) of the form.

Full information on the extension is available on the Immigration Service Delivery website here.

Should you require assistance with the Afghan Admission Programme or have any queries on same do not hesitate to contact our offices in Dublin and Cork on 00353 1406 2862 or