On the 11th of December 2017 the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service introduced the new Irish Residence Permit (IRP). This card replaces the old Garda National Immigration Bureau Card (GNIB card).

The new permit was introduced to conform with EU standards and intensify security and identity protection of individuals.

The rights and restrictions attached to the Irish Residence Permit are exactly the same as the previous GNIB card. It is the responsibility of each individual to keep their Irish Residence Permit up to date at all times, applying to the GNIB or Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service in sufficient time before the expiry of their immigration registration in order to renew same.

Individuals living in Dublin will still attend at the Garda National Immigration Bureau located at Burgh Quay for registration, however they will no longer receive the GNIB card at the appointment. It will now be posted out to them.

The system of registration or renewal for those living outside of Dublin will remain unchanged – they will need to attend their local Immigration Garda Station for an appointment to process the first time registration or renewal. They will then be contacted by the immigration officer to return to collect their card at a later date.

The Irish Residence Permit is a registration permit confirming that a non EEA national is registered with the authorities in the state and what form of permission has been granted to them. It is not an identity card. All non EEA nationals with a valid permission to remain in the state should carry the permit with them at all times.

Any individual with a valid GNIB card should not apply for an Irish Residence Permit until their GNIB card is expiring. They should then make an appointment to attend at the Garda National Immigration Bureau or local Immigration Office in the usual way.