The Department of Justice have introduced new application forms for non-EEA nationals applying for residence permission in Ireland under the EU Treaty Rights Directive (2004-38-EC).

The Department has confirmed that they will continue to accept applications submitted on the old application forms until the 30th of April 2022 (latest post mark 29th of April 2022). Applications which are received from the 1st of May 2022 must be submitted with the new application forms. Applications submitted on the old forms will be returned to applicants.

The form EUTR5 (application form for retention of residence) is in a new format as is the application form EUTR4 (request for review of refusals).

The Form EUTR1 is similar to the previous version however includes additional questions relating to certain qualifying family members (dependent children or parents).

There is also a change to the Data Privacy Notice on all forms.

In addition the forms now reference the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement)(Citizens Rights) Regulations 2020 and state that family members of UK nationals can submit applications for residence permission/permanent residence on the new forms.

The new application forms and explanatory leaflets are all available on the Immigration Service Delivery website here.

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