In a hugely welcomed announcement the new Minister for Justice and Equality Ms Helen McEntee has announced a new on-line immigration registration system for non-EEA nationals based in Dublin as well as the re-opening of the Garda National Immigration Bureau located at Burgh Quay on  the 20th of July.

Renewal of Immigration Registration Online

In June, the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) announced that the on-line registration renewal system for students resident in Dublin was being re-opened. This on-line renewal system is now being extended to all non-EEA nationals living in Dublin seeking to renew their immigration registration.

The system is due to go live on the 20th of July so any non-EEA national seeking to renew their immigration permission will now be able to renew it on-line as opposed to booking an appointment and attending the GNIB office in Dublin.  This is absolutely fantastic news for the many non-EEA nationals who have battled for many years trying to secure appointments with the GNIB in order to renew their immigration registration/IRP cards.  

Applicants will need to complete an on-line application form which is available on the following portal and upload copies of requested documentation as well as paying the renewal fee –

Following this, applicants will be directed to submit their original passport and IRP card to the Garda National Immigration Bureau by registered post.  Once documentation has been verified and approved, their passport will be stamped and returned by registered post.  The IRP card will be issued later by express post, and we would expect this to happen within a couple of weeks of the passport being returned.  

Where individuals need to travel urgently and require an IRP card to travel, then the on-line system is available between now and 20 July to facilitate such urgent requests.  

Only applications for the renewal of IRP cards for Dublin residents can be submitted on-line.  Applicants residing outside of Dublin must continue to renew their IRP cards through the local registration offices around the country and are advised to await further announcements in this regard.

Re-opening of Garda National Immigration Bureau, Burgh Quay on 20 July

The GNIB at Burgh Quay will re-open on the 20th of July and applicants who had previously booked an appointment for their first-time registration which had been cancelled will now be given a  priority appointment. Applicants will be contacted directly by the Immigration Service Delivery with the new appointment date so no action is required.  

All other first registration applicants who previously did not have an appointment but are required to register with the GNIB are directed to contact the ISD at Burgh Quay registration office at in order to book an appointment.  

Re-entry Visa Applications

In addition to the above it has also been announced that processing of re-entry visa applications will commence on 20 July 2020.  

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