Here is our client Fangzhe Qiu speaking about his recent experience of applying for Irish citizenship. Fangzhe and his wife Lijing applied for Irish citizenship in September 2020 however the application was returned because they had submitted the application in Irish. They were told to reapply in English in circumstances where the Irish language version of the Form 8 was not currently up to date. Astonishing that our clients’ have been discriminated against for submitting their application in our countries first national language. Our clients are waiting to resubmit their applications, however are being further prejudiced by the delay of the Department of Justice to issue an up to date Irish language version of the citizenship application form. Applicants such as Fangzhe and Lijing should be awarded for promoting and using the Irish language, not subjected to discriminatory treatment for doing so. We hope that this issue will not arise for any future applicants who apply using the Irish language version of the Form 8.

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