At Sinnott Solicitors, we believe that a fully informed client is our ideal client. That’s why we believe in sharing the legal knowledge with you for free on this website so that you can be clear about everything to do with injury claims including likelihood of success, the process, the compensation amounts and the legal fees. Here you will find comprehensive guides to compensation case types in Ireland.

Here you will find comprehensive guides to compensation case types in Ireland.

• Traffic Accident Claims

Sinnott Solicitors have acted for hundreds of Plaintiffs that have been involved in car crashes and they have recovered thousands in compensation.

How to make a Passenger Accident Injury Claim. Passenger claims are very winnable cases because the injuries are often caused by the driver of the vehicle.

The MIBI compensation scheme compensates people who have been involved in accidents where the driver has no insurance and/or vehicle unidentified.

Taxi accidents can arise either through the negligence of the taxi driver or through the negligence of a third party, unconnected with the taxi driver.

Find out why the compensation payable in respect of injuries sustained as a result of a motorcycle accident is generally higher & how an solicitor can help.

Compensation for a pedestrian hit by a vehicle may cover the psychological injuries sustained as well as the physical injuries sustained in the accident.

Tripping or falling whilst on a bus. Injuries caused due to the negligence or poor driving of the bus driver. Collisions by the bus with other vehicles.

What to do when you are involved in a train or Luas accident. Contact Solicitor here as soon as possible for your accident compensation claim.

If you have had a family member who has been fatally injured as a result of a wrongful death accident, then there are various types of compensation claims.

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