How Long Will My Claim Take

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How long does it take to receive compensation from a personal injury claim?

The answer really depends on a number of factors.  For example if your employer consents to the Injuries Board dealing with your case, then your claim will be dealt with much quicker than a case where you need to institute Court proceedings.

The defendant has 90 days within which to consent to the Injuries Board dealing with a claim.

The Injuries Board will deal with the claim regardless of whether the defendant consents.  However if the Injuries Board deal with the claim and assess your claim, then if you are happy with the Injuries Board assessment then your claim will be dealt with relatively quickly.

If the Injuries Board issues a Certificate of Authorisation and if Court proceedings are necessary, then your claim will take longer.

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Whilst 90% of cases settle out of Court once the proceedings are issued, it is difficult to say how long your claim will take because in most cases the attitude of your insurers the defendant would determine how long your case will take.

There may be a denial of liability for the accident in which case a number documents will be filed with the Court by the defendant’s Solicitors and an application for discovery may be necessary by the Plaintiff’s Solicitor.

That means that the Plaintiff’s Solicitor might seek further documentation from your employer which should be produced in order to support your claim.

Keeping the pressure on!

It is extremely difficult to say how long your claim will take but generally speaking and as a rule of thumb we try to deal with most claims within a period of two years from start to finish.

You will be kept informed at every stage of the process and you will be made aware of the consequences of any correspondence that we receive from the other side.

Many claims will settle relatively quickly.  It often depends on the nature of the injury.  Sometimes a medical report might state that it would take the Plaintiff a year or two to fully recover in which case it would be foolish for the Plaintiff to settle the case too early.

It is absolutely essential that the full extent of the injury and the future prognosis are known before settling any claim.

Your Solicitor will ensure that pressure is kept on the other side to file their documents in a timely manner with the Courts and to reply to correspondence.  The latter will help to speed up the claim process.

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