Parks & Amusement Park Accidents

If you have been injured in a public park or an amusement park due to an accident which was not your fault you may be entitled to compensation.

Public Park Accident Claims are very common as indeed are accident claims arising in amusement parks. In 2015 an accident took place in Alton Towers resort where two people involved in the accident each had to have one of their legs amputated and three other people were also seriously injured in the crash which led to the roller coaster ride being closed for further investigation. Other types of accidents in public parks are also quite common including slips, trips and falls and accidents occurring due to hazards present in public park areas.

Types of Public Park Accidents

  • Playground accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Tripping an falling on uneven concrete or pathways
  • Falling from faulty playground equipment
  • Accidents occurring within amusement parks
  • Injuries caused by hazardous objects in walking areas
  • Accidents caused by open manholes and absence of drain covers and/or faulty covers
park accident

What to do when you have an accident in a Public Park, Amusement Park or Playground?

  • It is crucial that you gather evidence as soon as possible after the accident takes place.  You should take photographs of the hazard and the area where the accident took place.  If the accident was witnessed by a third party you should obtain contact details.
  • You should report the accident immediately to the local authority, park attendant, park ranger and/or management as soon as possible.
  • You should seek medical attention in respect of your injuries as soon as possible

Your Solicitor will identify the correct defendant and assess the strength and weakness of your case for you.  Your Solicitor will also require and seek the CCTV footage of the incident if it is possible to obtain it.

How to start a public park/amusement park accident claim

The first step in every injury claim arising from a public park/amusement park accident is to prepare the case for lodging with the Injuries Board.

If you have been in an accident at a public park or amusement park and wish to take a public liability accident claim, Sinnott Solicitors will be in a position to help you to take your claim and to help you to achieve the maximum compensation available.

Sinnott Solicitors will identify the correct Defendant and will immediately look for the CCTV footage of the incident which may or may not be crucial to proving your case.

Case Study: June’s case against Amusement park

Our client June, a minor, was in an accident at an amusement park which resulted in a significant broken arm injury following an accident where she took a fall from a Carousel.

It was necessary for our Engineer to carry out a very detailed risk assessment report which identified potential hazards of allowing unaccompanied minors of that age to independently take a carousel ride.

It was held that the risk could have been avoided and liability for the accident rested with the owners of the ride who had acted in breach of the Occupiers Liability Act.

Our client received compensation in the sum of €15,800.

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