Sports Accidents

If you have suffered personal injuries as a result of a sporting accident which was not your fault you may be entitled to bring a claim for personal injuries to obtain compensation for your sport injuries.

Sporting accidents can happen in a number of different ways.  Obviously there are some risks that all sports carry and we all accept those risks when we play them.  For example in some contact sports such as rugby injuries are inevitable and they are sustained from legal match rules which would not meet the criteria for making a personal injury claim.

Sporting accidents generally arise because of faulty sports equipment, an illegal tackle or club houses and facilities or sporting grounds which have been poorly maintained or not maintained.

Liability Issues

Liability for your injuries would vary depending on the circumstances.  For example it may depend on when the equipment became faulty or it may depend on factors such as who was responsible for maintaining the sports grounds or sports facilities.  Sporting spectators can also bring a claim for personal injuries if they have been injured whilst watching a game as a result of the negligence of other parties in respect of safety measures.

sporting injury

Sporting accident personal injuries

Most sporting accident injuries would lead to permanent damage and/or loss of earnings because of absence from work.  There are many different types of injuries arising from sporting accidents and accidents which occur in sports grounds.  The possibilities in terms of the types of injury are endless and range from broken bones, sprains to scarring and soft tissue injuries.

How to start a sports injury claim

The first step in every sport accident claim is to prepare the case for lodging with the Injuries Board.  If you have been involved in a sport accident or an accident which occurs on a sports ground and if you wish to take a personal injuries claim, Sinnott Solicitors Dublin and Cork will be in a position to assist you to take your claim and to help you achieve the maximum compensation available.

Cast Study: John’s case – trip and fall at sports ground

John attended a match at a National sports ground in Dublin City. John sustained significant injuries to his ankle and lower leg when he tripped over a broken step leading to the aisle where his seat had been allocated.

As a result of the sporting injury John initiated a personal injuries claim to the Injuries Board and we settled John’s claim for the sum of €21,500 plus his special damages for all of his out of pocket expenditure associated with the sporting accident.

John was out of work at the time of the accident and did not take a compensation claim for his loss of earnings. It was agreed that the Defendant’s Insurance Company paid John’s legal costs in connection with his sporting accident claim in full.

Get the compensation you deserve for your Personal Injury

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