Supermarket Accidents

Supermarket accident claims are a very common type of public liability claim.

This is because of the number of potential hazards which can exist within a Supermarket and the public grounds surrounding it. We have dealt with numerous Supermarket accidents and if you have been involved in a Supermarket accident which was not your fault and if you have suffered an injury as a result you may be entitled to claim compensation.

How does a Supermarket Accident Claim arise?

  • Slips, trips and falls due to wet floors and spillages (most common)
  • Hazardous objects falling from Supermarket shelves causing injury
  • Defective Supermarket trollies which could cause injury
  • Accidents occurring in Supermarket carparks
  • Improperly positioned floor mats or boxes, pallets and other objects
  • Cracked or uneven pavement surfaces outside Supermarket
  • Food poisoning claims arising from products which are no longer safe to eat
supermarket accident

What to do when you have a Supermarket accident?

  • Every Supermarket will normally have a Manager on duty and therefore you should immediately report the occurrence of the accident to the Manager on duty and if not to the staff on duty at the time of the accident.
  • If possible you should take photographs of the area in which the accident occurred and the hazard which caused the accident.
  • You should take contact details of those who witnessed the accident in order to contact them for the purpose of your future claim.
  • You should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Your Solicitor will establish the correct Defendant and write to the Supermarket requesting the CCTV footage of the accident.

How to start a supermarket accident claim

The first step in every Supermarket accident claim is to prepare the case for lodging with the Injuries Board.

If you have been involved in a Supermarket accident claim and you wish to take a case, Sinnott Solicitors Dublin and Cork will be in a position to take your claim and to help you to achieve the maximum compensation available.

Case Study: Stephen’s case – Supermarket accident claim

Stephen was shopping at his local Supermarket and he was walking down the aisle with a trolley when he slipped and skidded down the Supermarket aisle landing on his back. It transpired that a carton of sauce from another shopper’s trolley was leaking and the sauce had spilled along the Supermarket aisle.

The sauce had not been cleaned up nor had the public been alerted to the danger.  As a result of the slip and fall, Stephen injured his back and his right hip. The back injury was quite serious and prevented him from working for a period of two weeks.

He subsequently had a course of pain injections and dozens of physiotherapy treatments.  His hip injury eventually resolved itself and the long term prognosis in respect of his back injury was not 100%.

We settled Stephen’s accident claim two and a half years after the accident occurred for a sum of €41,500 compensation for pain and suffering, €3,000 loss of earnings and €5,750 special damages for his medical and out of pocket expenditure. In addition to the compensation and special damages achieved on Stephen’s behalf we also managed to secure agreement from the Insurance Company for the Supermarket to pay Stephen’s legal costs in full.

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