Compensation for passengers in car accidents takes up a large proportion of injury claims presented by solicitors to the Injuries Board.

Injuries to passengers are often more serious than injuries sustained by the driver of a vehicle and passenger accident claims are therefore very strong claims to bring to the Injuries Board or before the Courts.

If you are a passenger who has been injured in a car accident (see our main car accident personal claims guide here) then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for your injuries.

In order to bring such a claim, the accident must have happened within the past two years.

Passenger claims are very winnable cases because the injuries are generally caused by the driver of the vehicle or the driver of a third party vehicle.  Therefore liability in passenger injury cases is generally not an issue and if you are a passenger who has sustained injuries in an accident, then you should proceed with your claim for compensation in respect of those injuries as soon as possible.

How to make a Passenger Accident Injury Claim

Sinnott Solicitors have taken hundreds of compensation claims for passengers injured in accidents and if you have been injured in an accident it is important that your claim is presented properly to the Injuries Board or later before a Court in the event that the matter proceeds beyond the Injuries Board.  

If you are a passenger that has been injured and wish to make a compensation claim then you must carry out the following in preparation of your claim.

  • Immediately seek medical attention in order that your injuries can be assessed at an early stage.
  • Keep details of the driver’s insurance details and the insurance details of the party that you consider at fault for the accident.
  • Retain details of any appropriate witnesses to the accident together with contact details.
  • If the Gardai have been called to the scene take details of the Gardai present in order that your Solicitor can request the Garda Abstract Report in respect of the accident when necessary.
  • Keep all receipts in respect of medication, medical appointments and all out of pocket expenditure that you incur as a result of the passenger accident.
  • Contact your Solicitors with a view to preparing your application for lodging with the Injuries Board.

Your Solicitor will prepare your case for the Injuries Board and send all necessary documentation to the Board in order to claim compensation on your behalf.

>> Read more information on the Injuries Board process here

Passenger Accident Injuries

It is common for passengers who are injured in passenger accidents to also take a claim for psychological injuries which arose in addition to the physical injuries that they sustain as a result of the passenger accident.  

This is because a passenger is very vulnerable and the passenger has no control over the driver’s vehicle or the vehicle of a third party which may cause the collision. As a result, it is quite frequent that a psychological or psychiatric injury might occur in addition to the physical injuries.  

In many cases passengers find themselves unable to return to work in a normal manner or unable to carry out tasks that they would otherwise have taken for granted prior to the passenger accident.

Many clients who have been injured as a result of a passenger accident experience a fear or phobia of travelling as a passenger again.


READ CASE STUDY: Our client Margaret (widow of passenger who was killed) awarded €675,000 compensation
*We have changed the name of the Claimant here in order to protect the identity of the real Plaintiff in this case.

The Plaintiff in the case was a passenger in a vehicle which was a work van travelling from Killarney to Dublin. The car swerved in front of another vehicle and it would appear that the driver of the vehicle was suffering with fatigue at that time.

Unfortunately the passenger died as a result of the injuries sustained and Sinnott Solicitors brought a fatal injury claim in relation to this passenger injury accident. The spouse of the Plaintiff received €675,000 compensation to incorporate compensation for the couples’ son who was an infant at the time of the passenger accident.

The Plaintiff also recovered all out of pocket expenditure that she incurred in connection with taking the claim. In addition to the considerably high compensation achieved, the Plaintiff’s costs associated with taking the passenger/fatal injuries claim were paid by the Defendant’s insurers.


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