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Bom caráter em casos de cidadania / naturalização

Section 15 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956 as amended provides that the Minister may, in his absolute discretion, grant the application if satisfied that the Applicant is of good character. The onus is on each Applicant to disclose in their application all appropriate information and evidence to help demonstrate that he or [...]

2020-07-27T09:16:11+00:0027 de julho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Anunciada extensão adicional temporária das permissões de imigração

The Immigration Service Delivery have issued a new notice regarding immigration permissions that are due to expire between the 10th of July 2020 and 20th of August 2020. The Notice states that non-EU/EEA nationals who are present in the State with an immigration permission that is due to expire between the 20th of July 2020 [...]

2020-07-17T08: 43: 16 + 00: 0017 de julho de 2020|Lei de imigração|


In a hugely welcomed announcement the new Minister for Justice and Equality Ms Helen McEntee has announced a new on-line immigration registration system for non-EEA nationals based in Dublin as well as the re-opening of the Garda National Immigration Bureau located at Burgh Quay on  the 20th of July. Renewal of Immigration Registration Online In [...]

2020-07-08T14: 12: 58 + 00: 008 de julho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Atualização das cotas de permissão de trabalho para horticultores, auxiliares de produção leiteira, operadores de processamento de carne e desossadores de carne

The Department of Business Enterprise & Innovation have announced that quotas for certain employment permit applications are either now full, or almost full, and are thus no longer accepting employment permit applications for these occupations. Horticulture workers As per the Employment Permits (Amendment) Regulations 2018, the maximum quota for General Employment Permits for horticultural workers [...]

2020-07-03T09: 44: 20 + 00: 003 de julho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Documento de perguntas frequentes sobre entrega de serviços de imigração 12 de junho de 2020 - atualização adicional sobre os pedidos de visto para a Irlanda e os cartões IRP vencidos.

The Immigration Service Delivery released yet another FAQ document regarding the Impact of Covid-19 on Immigration and International Protection on the 29th June 2020.  We appreciate how confusing all of these updates are to follow, so we have extracted the relevant revised information contained in the latest update for ease of reading. Expired of expiring [...]

2020-07-01T08: 50: 23 + 00: 001º de julho de 2020|Pedidos de visto|

Resumo dos recentes julgamentos de imigração dos tribunais irlandeses

The past month has seen a number of important judgments related to immigration matters being delivered by the Irish courts. Here is a summary of these important judgments and their implications.  UM (a minor suing by his father and next friend MM) v Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, & Passport Appeals Officer – refusal [...]

2020-07-01T08: 44: 39 + 00: 001º de julho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Entrega de serviços de imigração lança sistema on-line para renovação de permissões de imigração de estudantes

The Immigration Service Delivery of the Department of Justice and Equality have launched a new system inviting students to renew their permission to remain in the State online.  A similar system for online renewal of third level immigration permissions was available in 2019. The online renewal system is open to students who are resident in [...]

2020-06-23T13: 44: 01 + 00: 0023 de junho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

O acórdão do Supremo Tribunal esclarece a lei sobre requisitos de relacionamento e coabitação para solicitantes de cartão de residência como Parceiros Defacto de cidadãos da UE 

The Supreme Court recently delivered Judgment in the case of Muhammad Pervaiz v The Minister for Justice and Equality, Ireland and the Attorney General. This case concerns the interpretation and application of relationship and cohabitation requirements for permitted family member applications for residence cards pursuant to the Citizens Directive (Council Directive 2004 38 EC, often [...]

2020-06-23T13: 40: 19 + 00: 0023 de junho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Revogação da Autorização de Residência

Sinnott Solicitors frequently assists clients who have faced the prospect of their residence permission being revoked, and we help clients to navigate this complicated and often stressful period in their lives. All non-nationals wishing to be in the State must have the appropriate legal permission to enter and remain in the State. Non-EEA nationals who [...]

2020-06-19T15: 31: 18 + 00: 0019 de junho de 2020|Lei de imigração|

Revogação e recusa do casamento de conveniência em casos de direitos do Tratado da UE

Sinnott Solicitors receive many queries from Applicant’s whose residence card has either been revoked or the Applicant may be faced with a threat of revocation of their residence card because the Department of Justice are of the opinion that the Applicant has entered into a marriage of convenience in order to gain immigration advantage.  Directive [...]

2020-07-28T13: 00: 01 + 00: 0016 de junho de 2020|Direitos do Tratado UE|