Uninsured Drivers

The MIBI compensation scheme compensates people who have been involved in accidents where the driver has no insurance and/or vehicle unidentified.

What to do when you have an accident involving an uninsured driver or unidentified vehicle

Sinnott Solicitors will carry out a detailed assessment of your personal injuries claim and will inform you whether your claim is worth pursuing.

An MIBI claim notification form will be completed and submitted to the MIBI in order that their investigations regarding the accident can commence.

The MIBI will accept Injuries Board notification of service of proceedings from your Solicitors.  Sinnott Solicitors will settle your claim if possible with the Claims Management Service Provider of the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland and ensure that the injured party will receive the appropriate compensation due.

Sample cases that Sinnott Solicitors have settled with the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland

Sinnott Solicitors have settled a number of claims with the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland in circumstances where a party has been injured through no fault of their own in circumstances where the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured and in circumstances where the vehicle that injured the injured party is unidentified.

The procedure is slightly different and therefore it is essential that you contact us in order that your case may be properly prepared and that we can liaise with the MIBI on your behalf.

uninsured driver

There is a two tier process in circumstances where the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured because as well as dealing with the Injuries Board, your Solicitors will also be required to deal with the MIBI.

Compensation for personal injuries arising out of uninsured driver claims and MIBI claims generally is no different to the compensation that a Claimant would receive through the normal Injuries Board or Court route provided that the claim is successful.

The cases that we have dealt with in this regard are numerous and compensation would range from €17,500 in one case to €111,000 in another case.

In addition to an entitlement to compensation, a person injured as a result of an uninsured driver is also entitled to compensation for psychological injuries, out of pocket expenditure, loss of earnings and special damages in the very same manner as a person injured in any other personal injury accident claim.

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