My name is Sonnier Mendoza and I am Filipino national and I have lived in Ireland since 2008. In 2013, I was contacted by the Department of Justice who questioned my legal status to live here and requested a lot of information and documentation from me. Accordingly, I commissioned Una O’Brien of Sinnott Solicitors to represent me in my communication with the DoJ. Sinnotts came highly recommended to me as a firm specialising in immigration law and I needed someone with this knowledge and expertise. For the last eight years, Una has advised me on all of the legal implications concerning my case. She also contacted the DoJ on my behalf and represented me in all communications with them.I’m delighted to report that as a result of Una’s hard work and commitment to ensuring a positive outcome from my case, I have been granted leave to remain in the Sate and I am entitled to work here without a work permit. I couldn’t have achieved this result without Una and her team at Sinnott Solicitors and I would highly recommend her.