If ever you happen to suffer a personal injury at the scene of a road traffic accident, you must know how to act accordingly. By taking the correct course of action, it may enable you to make your case strong entitling you to the maximum compensation for your personal injury.

Do not leave the place of the accident until the Gardai arrive and until such time as your find a person who witnessed the accident taking place. Take all of the details of the witness/witnesses and ask that the Garda prepares an accident report and provides you with his details. You will need these details for your solicitor when filing your claim for personal injury compensation.

If it is not possible to have a member of the Gardai attend the scene, note the name, address, vehicle details, and contact details of the other driver/s that had damaged your vehicle.

You must know details of the location where the accident took place. It is a  good idea to write down details pertaining to weather conditions, lighting, traffic, and road conditions at the time of road accident.

Seek medical help in case you experience any injury, even if minor. Get yourself properly diagnosed to rule out any serious injury or illness.

Look for a qualified and reputable personal injury solicitor who can handle your road accident case and a Solicitor who will obtain your compensation quickly and easily.