Office accidents in the workplace are very common in Ireland and if you have suffered a personal injury due to another person’s negligence.

Whether this be an employer or a fellow employee and whether it is as a result of inadequate training, excessive stress or a breach of health and safety regulation then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and compensation for loss of earnings and pain and suffering if applicable.  

Office accident claims generally occur for reasons such as inadequate training in the workplace, inadequate health and safety procedures, a lack of supervision, hazards in the workplace which would cause an employee to trip and fall or proper risk assessments in relation to vulnerable employees such as pregnant women.

Office accidents include the following types of injuries:

  • Injuries sustained from lifting and carrying in the office
  • Trips and falls over lose cables and misplaced boxes in the office
  • Slips on wet floors and wet stairs
  • Inadequately lit stairwells and corridors
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of broken appliances within the office
  • Repetitive strain injury from repeat work without adequate duty of care from employer
  • Electric shock injuries caused by faulty wiring in the office

Sinnott Solicitors will explain the claim process thoroughly to you from beginning to end and we will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available to you in the event that you sustain an injury at the office through the negligence of another party.

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Peter’s Story: Office accident compensation claim case study

Peter tripped on boxes which were stored behind the reception area in a small room at the office in which he worked.

Peter worked for a state body and it was clear that the boxes should not have been lying around in that manner.  When Peter entered the room he was filing some documents and he took a step backwards and fell over the misplaced boxes causing him to sustain an injury to his elbows, upper arm and back area.

Peter did not miss any time from work but took a claim against his employer nonetheless for the injuries which he sustained.  His claim settled quite quickly because the injury settled down within a number of days.  Peter received €4,950 in compensation for his injury together with special damages for his medical report and medical expenditure.  

In addition to the compensation received Peter also received his costs of the application from the Defendant.