Irish Visa Refusals and Appeals

An Irish visa is an immigration permission which allows a non-EEA national to travel to the Republic of Ireland in order to seek permission to enter the Irish State.  A visa is not a permission to reside in the Republic of Ireland, it is simply permission to travel here. Only persons who are citizens [...]

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Immigration Solicitor

Processes that relate to immigration can often prove to be difficult to navigate. Obtaining the likes of Visas and Irish citizenship can lead to problems for many.  It is best to enlist the help of an immigration solicitor when dealing with such proceedings. At Sinnotts Solicitors, our immigration experts can help you to get [...]

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South Africa and Botswana now visa required

From Wednesday 10th of July citizens of South Africa and Botswana will be required to obtain entry visas before travelling to the Republic of Ireland. Temporary transitional arrangements will be implemented where persons have already booked their travel however the arrangements must have been made before the 10th of July and only apply to travel [...]

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Immigration Registration Changes for Cork and Limerick

The Minister for Justice has announced that from the 8th of July 2024, Irish immigration registration requirements for non-EEA/EU nationals residing in Cork and Limerick are being transferred from the Garda National Immigration Bureau to the Immigration Service Delivery Registration Office. This means that persons residing in Cork or Limerick will no longer attend a [...]

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De Facto Partner of Irish or Non-EEA national

The Immigration Service Delivery has announced that from the 10th of June 2024, applications for permission to reside in the State as the De Facto Partner of an Irish or non-EEA national can be submitted online via the Immigration Service Delivery online portal. The change in application process is a further step of the ISD [...]

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Immigration Registration Changes for Meath, Kildare and Wicklow

As part of ongoing efforts to digitise and centralise immigration registrations, the Immigration Service Delivery have announced that from 8th April 2024 Irish immigration registration requirements for counties Meath, Kildare and Wicklow are as follows: First Time Registration Residents of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow registering for the first time will attend the Registration Office located [...]

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Irish Visa Requirements for Dominica, Hondurus and Vanuatu

The Minister for Justice has announced that from the 7th March 2024 citizens of Dominica, Honduras and Vanuatu are required to obtain an Irish visa prior to travelling to Ireland. To date, citizens of these countries have been able to travel to Ireland and seek permission to enter the State at the border without [...]

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司法部宣布,爱尔兰公民身份申请现在可以通过移民服务交付在线门户在线提交。对于已开始申请程序的申请人,将继续通过邮寄方式接受旧表格 8 和其他申请表上的纸质申请。出生未成年人的表格 11 申请流程 [...]

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爱尔兰入籍仪式 2023 年 10 月 2 日

司法部宣布,下一次爱尔兰入籍仪式将于 2023 年 10 月 2 日在都柏林会议中心举行。对于那些焦急地等待获得爱尔兰公民身份的人来说,这是一个热切期待的消息。有趣的是,场地从传统的 [...]

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