The Minister for Justice has announced that from the 7 March 2024 citizens of Dominica, Honduras and Vanuatu are required to obtain an Irish visa prior to travelling to Ireland.

To date, citizens of these countries have been able to travel to Ireland and seek permission to enter the State at the border without the requirement to obtain an entry visa prior to travel.

The Minister announced in a notice published on on the 4 of March that this visa has been introduced to further configure Ireland’s immigration rules with the visa regimes of the United Kingdom and the Schengen area.

Minister McEntee has also declared a visa exemption for Diplomatic passport holders of Indonesia, Qatar, Kuwait, Montenegro, Moldova, Turkey, Columbia, Peru, and Georgia.

Furthermore, the visa requirement for holders of an official passport, service passport or public affairs passport accompanying a Minister of the Government of the Countries above on an official visit to the State has also been abolished.

In a further notice published on the Immigration Service Delivery website today, the Minister has clarified that citizens of Dominica, Honduras and Vanuatu who made travel plans before the 7 of March and can provide evidence of a valid booking and payment for the trip, may be accommodated for emergency travel in the following situations where the scheduled travel is on or before the 7 of April 2024:

  1. A critical medical case involving a family member being seriously ill or undergoing medical treatment. Evidence from the relevant medical institution must be provided.
  2. Visiting for a significant family event – a birth, wedding, or funeral. Suitable evidence must be provided.
  3. Taking up a place obtained in a third-level institution on an undergraduate or post graduate degree course. Evidence must be provided from the relevant institution.
  4. Taking up employment and holding an Employment Permit for Ireland. Evidence of the permit issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment must be provided.
  5. Travelling for business. Confirmation of the arrangements for the visit from the business in question must be provided.

Persons falling within the above categories are asked to email with the subject line “Visa Imposition – Emergency Travel Required”.

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