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Changes to Irish Employment Permit System

The Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, has announced some important changes to the Irish Employment Permit system. The changes are as follows: New Occupations Added To Critical Skills List The following occupations have been added to the Critical Skills Occupation List: Cardiac Physiologist Medical Scientist Occupational Therapist Physiotherapist Podiatrist / Chiropodist Psychologist [...]

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Suspension of Minor Re-Entry Visas

The Department of Justice has announced that it is suspending re-entry visa requirements for children under the age of 16 years with immediate effect. In Ireland, non-EEA nationals who are aged over 16 and who hold a valid immigration permission to live in Ireland are issued with an Irish Residence Permit (IRP card).  Holders of [...]

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Supreme court overturns revocation of Irish born child’s citizenship 

An Important judgment of the Supreme Court was delivered in the case of UM (a minor) -v- The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Passport Appeals officer David Barry last week. The case concerns the impact of the revocation of refugee status on the derived rights of others obtained prior to revocation. The derived right [...]

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Clarification from Minister for Justice on Immigration Registrations and Renewals

Clarification from Minister for Justice on Immigration Registrations and Renewals Following on the recent announcement by the Minister for Justice that the automatic extension of immigration permissions which has been in place since March 2020 would not be extended beyond the 31st of May 2022, the Minister made a further announcement this week providing clarification [...]

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End of Automatic Immigration Permission Extensions

The Department of Justice announced this week that the automatic immigration permission extensions which have been in place since March 2020 will not be extended beyond the 31st of May 2022. Since March 2020, the Minister for Justice has automatically extended immigration permissions in Ireland on nine occasions in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. [...]

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Irish Citizenship Ceremony 20th of June 2022

The Department of Justice have announced that the next Irish Citizenship Ceremony will be held on the 20th of June 2022 in the Convention Centre, Killarney, Co Kerry. This is welcome news for the many applicants who have been waiting to be granted their Irish citizenship.  Persons who have received a letter from the Department [...]

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High Court quashes permanent residence card refusal for Sinnott Solicitor’s client

Sinnott Solicitors are delighted to report that the High Court last week overturned a decision of the Minister for Justice to refuse a Permanent Residence Card to our client in the case of N.K and A.R v Minister for Justice 2020.195.JR.  The Judgment we submit is an important precedent in a case which involved marriage [...]

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Extension of 5-year multiple-entry short-stay visa

The Minister for Justice, Ms Helen McEntee, has announced that the Department of Justice is extending the five-year multiple-entry short-stay visa option to all visa-required countries.  This means that persons who are applying for a short-stay visa to Ireland, for example, to visit family or for business purposes, can now apply for a multiple-entry short-stay [...]

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New Application Forms for EU Treaty Rights Applications

The Department of Justice have introduced new application forms for non-EEA nationals applying for residence permission in Ireland under the EU Treaty Rights Directive (2004-38-EC). The Department has confirmed that they will continue to accept applications submitted on the old application forms until the 30th of April 2022 (latest post mark 29th of April 2022). [...]

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Diretiva de proteção temporária para ucranianos

IRLANDA ATIVA A DIRECTIVA DE PROTECÇÃO TEMPORÁRIA DA UE PARA PESSOAS QUE FUGAM DA GUERRA NA UCRÂNIA A Directiva de Protecção Temporária da União Europeia (2001/55 CE), que permite aos cidadãos ucranianos, seus familiares e alguns outros cidadãos não pertencentes ao EEE solicitar protecção temporária na Irlanda, já começou . Quem é elegível para beneficiar da Proteção Temporária na Irlanda? A seguir [...]

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