Medical Negligence

Clinical malpractice can lead to physical, emotional and personal trauma, as well as loss of earnings.

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Clinical malpractice can lead to physical, emotional and personal trauma, as well as loss of earnings. You should not only receive compensation for the negligence, you should also receive justice for the wrong done. We believe that this will also assist in heightened patient awareness and improved medical standards. You can avail of a dedicated claims service working through the complicated legal processes in order to secure compensation for the damage done. Sinnott Solicitors Dublin and Cork also assist health care workers that have suffered occupationally acquired injuries such as needle stick injuries, HIV or hepatitis C during the course of their employment. If you are a healthcare professional and have suffered an occupationally-acquired injury such as HIV or Hepatitis C from a needle-stick injury, our specialist team can also assist you.

We have represented numerous clients in medical negligence cases and we are happy to report that all of our medical negligence cases taken by way of High Court proceedings have been successful to date.  Medical negligence can be a very traumatic experience and victims of medical negligence should be properly compensated for their suffering.

It can lead to physical, emotional and personal trauma not to mention loss of earnings and inability to work.  Medical negligence cases are notoriously difficult to prove and a lot of work is required before taking proceedings for medical negligence case.

We also provide a unique Client Liaison service, a representative who will be there for you every step of the way.

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