RTE News: Signature to replace citizenship ceremonies in temporary scheme

The temporary scheme allowing approximately 4,000 applicants to obtain their Certificate of Naturalisation by way of a sworn declaration is a welcome development for those who have already been issued with letters of approval for Citizenship but were unable to obtain their Certificate of Naturalisaion due to the suspension of [...]

January 19th, 2021|

Irish Citizenship Update

New temporary procedure introduced to replace Irish Citizenship ceremonies The Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has formally introduced a new temporary procedure to replace physical citizenship ceremonies during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was previously announced in October 2020 however it took almost three months to finalise in circumstances where its [...]

January 19th, 2021|

Overview of how Brexit impacts UK nationals looking to visit or work in Ireland?

Ireland has a special relationship with the UK because of The common travel area (CTA) which has existed between us since 1922 and formally brought about in 1952. The CTA exists between Ireland, the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. This CTA is independent of the membership of [...]

January 13th, 2021|

Passport power: Irish permits pip UK for global access

The Irish passport is ranked sixth in the world, ahead of America’s and the UK’s, for visa-free access to foreign countries, according to new data. Irish passport holders can visit 186 destinations without obtaining a visa beforehand. A UK passport permits entry to 185, according to the annual Henley Passport [...]

January 11th, 2021|

Undocumented people in Ireland stranded in insecure employment, the survey finds

There are an estimated 15,000 undocumented people currently living in Ireland. This is one of the most underrepresented and vulnerable groups in the country. Migrants Rights Centre Ireland carried out a survey into the lives of over 1,000 undocumented people in the country. Laura Matjusaityte examined the results of this [...]

January 11th, 2021|
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