Here are some testimonials received by Sinnott Solicitors Dublin and Cork and some client reviews of the services.

Pat Acheson proudly holding his first Irish passport.

“Thank you so very much!  I’m sure my heart just smiled.  A virtual toast to all”

Cody Bullard granted Irish citizenship 26th February 2024

“Carol Sinnott, Una O’Brien and the entire staff were wonderful in helping my son achieve his dream of becoming an Irish Citizen. They were always there to respond to our endless questions and do a fair amount of “hand holding.” It was a long process, but well worth it. Highly recommended.”

Ramani Mudiyanselage granted a join family visa to reside in Ireland with her daughter Gagani and son in law Danijel.

“We received great successful service, and Solicitor U coordinated with us well from the beginning. We really appreciated her support and dedication. Wishing all the best to S Solicitors!”

This is our client Eko Clara and her family with her son Princewill-Noel who has just arrived in Ireland from Cameroon. Another successful visa application for Sinnott Solicitors. Thank you Eko for sending us this great photo of your family from a day that you will all remember.

Mohammed Shaaban – I would like to express my appreciation to the Sinnott solicitor office for helping me out on my naturalization application and process for their transparency and professionalism through the process of my application.

Mina Tadros – granted Irish citizenship on the 19th of December 2023

Shoaib Inam granted Irish citizenship on the 2nd of October 2023.

Yajush Hingle granted Irish citizenship on the 2nd of October 2023

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone at the Sinnott team for their invaluable assistance during my naturalisation process, with special recognition for Úna O’Brien. I reached out to Sinnott Solicitors in 2022, and the team directed me to Úna. Una’s help and support has been exceptional; she meticulously considered all aspects, provided ongoing follow-ups, and offered detailed advice to ensure that I remained informed about my visa status while my citizenship application was in progress. I have received confirmation that my application has been approved. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Úna for her tireless efforts and the exceptional attention she devoted to my case and to the wider Sinnott Team.”

Yajush Hingle

Alaa Aldabagh, originally a national of Syria who popped into Sinnott Solicitors office Cork to show us his new Irish passport after assisting with his Irish citizenship application.

Shayan Khan, granted Irish citizenship in June 2023 and the proud holder of his Irish passport and passport card after travelling a long road to become an Irish citizen.

“I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me through everything. I would like to thank all the team of Sinnott solicitors for helping me to achieve this.   Special thanks to Louise Ring for such an amazing and truly appreciated work.I express my gratitude for your help. Thanks you.”

Deepak Rana

“All the reasons to celebrate. I would like to thanks all at the Sinnott team for helping me out when I needed the most, in special Úna O’Brien. Last year I reached out to Sinnott with a very complicate immigration issue in relation to my visa and I was directed to Una. She was amazing, answered all my question along with asking the right questions in order to best assist me on my case. She took all on board, provided continues follow up and detailed advise to ensure I was up-to-date with my visa while my citizenship application was ongoing. Today I just became an Irish citizen. Thanks Úna for all the hard work and attention added on my case.”

Nelson Lamounier

“Had such a great and stress-free experience with you. Una, you are amazing. Thank you for being so patient and taking the time to answer my queries over the years so promptly. The stress of innumerable documentation and further follow-ups were all taken care of. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to take care of such an important step in my life. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.”

Bushra Ali

“Thanks so much for helping us Úna. I do not have any words to explain my emotions when I got that letter. I can not believe it so quick. You helped me change my life.
Thanks so much.”

Thanh Thanh Bui Thi

“Congratulations to Basile Njeyi who was granted Irish citizenship on the 10th of March 2023.”

Basile Njeyi

“We really appreciated and grateful for all your help and support. Thanks be to God, I received my Stamp 4. With all my heart, and in behalf of my family, a million thanks again and again..to you..to all the staff at Sinnott Solicitors”

Jean Lopez

Congratulations to Karan Malhotra who was granted Irish citizenship on the 20th of June 2022.

Here is Lakshmi Pravallilka Polavarapu who was granted Irish citizenship

“Thanks again for all your great help in my citizenship application”.

Lakshmi Pravallilka Polavarapu

Many thanks for all your support in the process. Super happy to be able to call myself Irish from today!

Jane Lou

I have been dealing with Sinnott Solicitors for over 7 years, and highly recommend them to anyone, as they are very professional, very helpful and ensure a high-quality service for visa applications through to Citizenship every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication. Thank you, Una O’Brian and Orla McKenna for everything.

Congratulation to our client Angus Thompson who completed his Citizenship application with Sinnott Solicitors.

Angus Thompson

Sometimes the most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seems to be no hope. This is our delighted client Mehdi Khoddam. Mehdi is from Iran who came to Ireland with his family in 2011. We are thrilled to say that Mehdi finally obtained his Irish Citizenship after a hard fought battle which begun in 2016 culminating in three successful applications to the High Court for Judicial Review. It was a just result and Sinnott Solicitors wish Mehdi and his family every success in the future.

Mehdi Khoddam

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Sinnott Solicitors, in particular Una and Louise, for their excellent and professional service. Despite all the difficulties caused by covid I have received my Irish Passport and the safe return of my documents. I am very thankful to them all for their hard work.”

Ann in Sussex

I contacted Sinnott Solicitors while I was applying for an Irish passport. The process had started in February 2021 and was not complete in mid July, at which point I needed my British passport, submitted with the application, returned so that I could travel in August.

After a call to the Irish passport office, when I was told it would take 15 working days to return it if I cancelled the application, I asked Sinnott to intervene. When there was no response to their first approach, they wrote a firmly-worded letter threatening legal action if my British passport was withheld any longer, and it was then returned to me after less than 15 days. My Irish passport followed and all other submitted documents were returned promptly.

I was very happy with the process of taking instructions and the service provided, which exceeded my expectations.

James Hervey-Bathurst

I am really happy to receive my Certificate of Naturalisation. This has become possible after the tremendous efforts by Una O’ Brien , Sinnott Solicitors who have handled successfully my case of refusal through JR. I am specially thankful to Una and her team who dealt my case efficiently. I had a very good experience with Sinnott Solicitors. Thanks

Syed Hasnat Hussain Shah

Here is our client Lukmon Busari with his children who recently arrived to Ireland.

Lukmon is working as a nurse in Ireland and applied for visas for his children to join him and his wife here. Lukmon had been waiting for a decision on his children’s visa applications for over 20 months. He came to Sinnott Solicitors for assistance, and following our intervention, the visas were swiftly issued. Here is what Lukmon had to say about his experience:

“Dear Una, I will love to join all my family members to thank you and your firm in assisting us with our case with Irish embassy Abuja. Without your intervention, may be we will not be here today. Am grateful and will always spread the word about good work you are doing.  My kids arrived yesterday. Thanks Lukmon Busari “

Lukmon Busari

I would highly recommend Sinnott Solicitors, having being on the wait since I applied for my citizenship and not knowing my fate as when I would get a reply. I had to contact Sinnott Solicitors through their Website and I asked for Una specifically.  She heard of my case and my confidence revived. Una took over my case, and I have to say that, it was very professional, and she would constantly keep me updated through email.  You made my case come easier than expected.  You’re simply an amazing and best solicitor I have come in contact so far. Thanks so so much.

Goodness Okonkwo

Here is Nuri Agaci talking about his experience with Sinnott Solicitors. Nuri is a national of Albania who applied for international protection in March 2015. We assisted him with his application and instituted judicial review proceedings on his behalf, which ended up being litigated in the Supreme Court. Nuri was recently granted permission to reside in Ireland on humanitarian grounds. Another successful outcome and very happy client.

Nuri Agaci

Sinnott solicitors are professionals highly recommended to everyone. My husband’s appeal visa processing was halted for more than a year. Una from Sinnott stepped in and in the course of 1 month visa was granted. My 9month old baby is so happy to see the father for the 1st time????????. Thanks to Sinnott.

Belinda Gyasi

Mohammed came to Ireland with his family from Somalia 26 years ago and grew up in Dublin. Mohammed instructed Sinnott Solicitors in 2010 after already receiving 6 citizenship application refusals. After two more attempts, making a record of 8 applications in total, he has finally been approved his Irish citizenship. The immigration team at Sinnott Solicitors who have worked with Mohammed for the past 11 years were absolutely thrilled with the decision to grant Mohammed his Irish citizenship.

Here is what Mohammed has to say about his experience with Sinnott Solicitors. Congratulations Mohammed and good luck with your bright and happy future as an Irish citizen. 

Mohammed Dirir

I felt that I should write to you one more time in order to properly express my appreciation of your firm’s outstanding service. I was very disappointed when my 2016 FBR application was turned down. I had studied the guidelines carefully and was convinced that I was entitled to Irish citizenship. It was my great fortune to discover your website when I was scratching my head about what to do next. Your positive response to my query and your can-do approach was exactly what was needed at the time, and I wish now that I had known to consult you at the very beginning. I am also mindful of the very generous reduction of your standard fees in my case.

Having had my EU citizenship abruptly removed through no fault of my own, this application seemed the obvious step to take, but as I researched and thought about my family history, it became a question of identity as well. That’s why I was so disappointed at the initial rejection and why I am so delighted at our success now. It is about so much more than just having a red passport (important though that is). Now I can hardly wait for the travel restrictions to end so that I can visit Ireland again.

I need hardly add that I will give Sinnott Solicitors the highest recommendation if the opportunity arises. I will never forget what you have done for me Carol and I remain, your firm’s most satisfied client.

Roy O'Neil

Here is our client Pedhram Forghani who was recently granted a Critical Skills Employment Permit to work in Ireland. Pedhram is a qualified dentist who had previously worked in Ireland. His whose employer submitted an application for an employment permit on his behalf which was refused as the incorrect employment permit had been applied for. His employer subsequently contacted the Immigration Department of Sinnott Solicitors who advised on the appropriate permit which Pedhram was eligible to be granted and submitted a new application on his behalf. The application was approved without difficulty and a very happy Pedhram is now returning to Ireland to take up his position as a Dental Surgeon in Wicklow. Congratulations Pedhram.

Pedhram Forghani

Congratulations to Buyisiwe Precious Ike who after nineteen years of residing in Ireland has been granted her Irish citizenship.

I will like to thank you for helping me get my citizenship after waiting for many years. Una was my super hero at Sinnott Solicitors was so  helpful with everything and communication was very fast effective. And now here i am with my Irish Citizenship awarded. 

Buyisiwe Precious Ike

This is our client Khan Zaman who is a Pakistani national. His initial application was refused but then Sinnott Solicitors acted on his behalf and his application for leave to remain was successful. 

Khan Zaman

This is our client Ajmal Safizada from Afghanistan. Sinnott Solicitors made an application for his family to join him in Ireland. Having made a very thorough application, his wife and children were granted visas to join him under the Free Movement of Persons Regulations 2015. 

Ajmal Safizada

This is our client Gagandeep Singh who is from India. He made an application for a residence card on the basis of his marriage to his EU National spouse. His case was quite complicated but Sinnott Solicitors was able to resolve the issues and he was granted a five year Residence Permit within a few months.  

Gagandeep Singh

This is our client Leila Gutowski. As an American citizen, it was Leila’s dream to come and live in Ireland. Sinnott Solicitors applied for a Stamp 0 permission for Leila to stay in Ireland which was successful, Sinnott Solicitors have since renewed the annual stamp and Leila is fulfilling her dream of happily living in Ireland.  

Leila Gutowski

This is our client Claudia Baretto from Brazil who came to us with a complex immigration matter. Sinnott Solicitors made a very detailed application for Claudia to the Residence Division and we managed to regulate her permission to remain in the State. Claudia continues to happily reside in Ireland pursuing her studies.  

Claudia Baretto

This is our client Marianne Augusto who is from Brazil. After a change in her circumstances, Sinnott Solicitors made a detailed application to the Immigration Division for Marianne to remain in Ireland. Within a few months Marianne was granted a Stamp 4 permission to remain in the State on her own account. We call that a “stand alone” stamp 4 application.  

Marianne Augusto

This is our client Patrick Smith for whom Sinnott Solicitors made an application for his wife to join him under the Free Movement of Persons Regulations 2015. After an initial refusal Sinnott Solicitors prepared a detailed appeal on behalf of Patrick’s wife and it was approved within days.

Patrick Smith

This is our client Muhammad Husnoo from Mauritius. Sinnott Solicitors application for him to reside under the Special Student Scheme. The result of that application was that Muhammad and his whole family was granted permission to reside here under Stamp 4S conditions.  

Muhammad Husnoo

I want to first and foremost thank Una and the entire Sinnott solicitors here in Ireland, u guys are sound.

I had a very complicated Immigration case whereby they intended to revoke my permission but Una, the great one with too much immigration experiences sorted me out, in less than 8 weeks my permission was reinstated.I recommend anyone that desires positive results, pls look for Una in Sinnott solicitors because they’re more than good.

Thank you for putting smile on my face again.

Paul Chukwurah

Here is our client Davinder Singh, an Indian who has been in a relationship with an Irish national since 2018. In February 2019 they gave birth to their first child. Davinder applied for a residence permission as the parent of an Irish national child in April 2019. He was granted residence permission in February 2021. Davinder and his partner are shortly expecting twins so the decision is very welcome news.

Davinder Singh

My name is Sonnier Mendoza and I am Filipino national and I have lived in Ireland since 2008. In 2013, I was contacted by the Department of Justice who questioned my legal status to live here and requested a lot of information and documentation from me. Accordingly, I commissioned Una O’Brien of Sinnott Solicitors to represent me in my communication with the DoJ. Sinnotts came highly recommended to me as a firm specialising in immigration law and I needed someone with this knowledge and expertise. For the last eight years, Una has advised me on all of the legal implications concerning my case. She also contacted the DoJ on my behalf and represented me in all communications with them.I’m delighted to report that as a result of Una’s hard work and commitment to ensuring a positive outcome from my case, I have been granted leave to remain in the Sate and I am entitled to work here without a work permit. I couldn’t have achieved this result without Una and her team at Sinnott Solicitors and I would highly recommend her.

Sonnier Mendoza

“This is our client Jashveer Khetteur who had been living in the State undocumented for many years when he came to us.
Jashveer has been granted permission to remain in the State on Stamp 1 conditions, without the requirement to obtain an employment permit. He can now look forward to a happy future in Ireland and travel home to his country after 14 years of being unable to do so.”

Jashveer Khetteur

Here is our client Patricia Pezold who was granted Stamp 0 permission to remain.

‘Initially we contacted the Sinnott law firm for a consultation and Una promptly provided us with the expertise we so desperately needed. But after getting off the phone, our family decided we just weren’t willing to forgo having Una’s years of experience and successful track record on our side. She graciously agreed to assist us and after compiling our documents shipped off our (successful!) application. For some families it may seem like a challenge to find the funds to afford the help of an established firm, but when we did the math of what it would cost us to be denied, there was just no question.’

stamp 0 permissions

Patricia Pezold

Sinnott solicitors helped me with a complicated application process to bring my elderly, South African parents to live with me in Ireland.

From the first meeting with Carol, Sinnott solicitors were professional, supportive and crystal clear in their communication. I was lucky to stumble upon Sinnotts after having contacted a few solicitors in Dublin and was left quite frustrated and disillusioned. When I contacted Sinnott solicitors, I first met with Carol and discussed the situation with her. I’m sure many people considering solicitors are often wary of the consultation fees… but don’t be! It’s absolute value for money. Had I made the application myself, it would have been a certain rejection and a complete waste of money!

Once I was introduced to Una, who handled the process, I knew the application was in good hands. Understandably, we were concerned about the outcome, but Una put us at ease with her speedy replies and supportive guidance. She took no longer than 24 hours to reply to my emails and responded with detailed instructions, provided support and was always polite, patient and extremely pleasant to deal with. I am glad to say, my parents have been granted permission to remain in Ireland after Una and Sinnott solicitors found a way to put together a bullet-proof application based on combined circumstances. Something we surely could not have done ourselves. I am incredibly grateful for their advice, support, guidance and meticulous work in this case. Una is a highly skilled professional and her expertise in this area has made it possible for my parents to spend their final years with their children and grandchildren. I am eternally grateful and cannot recommend Una and Sinnott solicitors enough!

Neelan Govender

I write to acknowledge the receipt of your letter informing me of my residence status.

May I use this medium to say a big thank you for your assistance and support.

Looking forward for a more pleasant relationship in the future.

Thanks for your co-operations.

Yours faithfully

James Adejumo Oguntuase

Having dealt with Sinnott Solicitors over the past year on an employment related case, I cannot recommend Carol and her team highly enough.

In what was a very distressing situation they provided expert legal advice, while being tactful and reassuring.

They saw the case through to a favourable and painless resolution and were at all times up-front and fair regarding fees.

I would have no hesitation in advising anyone seeking legal advice or representation to contact Sinnotts.

A. Foley

I would like to thank Sinnott and Company Solicitors for their excellent professional services sorting out my house purchase and Naturalization Application.

Barbaros Asuroglu

Having required the legal services of Sinnott & Company in the past I have found them to be both professional & friendly. I received excellent legal advice imparted to me in plain English making it much easier for me to take important and crucial decisions.

I would highly recommend them as a competent company who make dealing with legal issues both refreshing and easy.

Bytek IT Resources Ltd, Wexford

I would like to thank you for a stress free claim throughout, The friendly and efficient way in which you dealt with my claim is much appreciated. I could not have wished for better people to have dealt with it and the service I have received has been excellent, the work was handled very professionally and I always received very prompt replies to all my questions.

Should I ever need the services of a solicitor in future, I will certainly be giving you a call, I have recommended you to friends and family.


Sinnott and Company have always showed true professionalism and guidance In all matters of the law with a personal touch that is hard to find these days.

Thanks for all your help and I would highly recommend Carol and her Company of friendly Solicitors.”

Best regards


Sinnott’s looked after our son’s medical negligence case and when I saw Carol and her team arrive at the Four Courts with 3,000 plus documents I realised how much work goes on behind the scenes in a Solicitors office. They put constant pressure on the other side to reply to their correspondence and even had them in court on 2 occasions for not responding on time.

Their barrister was a genius and an absolute gentleman. We were truly delighted with the settlement and what you did for our m******. It means so much to us and to him. We even got a guided tour of the Four Courts. Thank you so much girls.

T & C. D

I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. When I lost my job after 23 years I found myself in a very lonely place and I wish to thank you for your hard work and support in getting me through what I can only describe when I look back on it all as a “nightmare”.

I am looking forward to starting my new venture and I could not have done this without your help and the settlement that you got for me. I look forward to using you in the course of my new business. With kindest regards.


Thanks Carol for your hard work and sorry for putting you under so much pressure. We really appreciate you getting us sorted so quickly and into our new home in time for our Summer holidays.

P & J Curtis

What I like about Sinnotts is that while they specialise in injury claims they are not your typical claims merchants with a tacky outfit and flashing website. I got tired looking through the injury claims websites I came across on the internet. The two Solicitors dealing with my case, Carol and Louise were very credible and specialised and looked at my case from every angle, not just compensation for the injury but the psychological damage of my injury too. Due to that I got higher compensation for injuries that I expected. They always took my calls and met me when I wanted to talk about the case. I found the fees to be very fair. I would recommend them to any of my family or friends in the future. It is important that businesses listen to their customers’ needs and I felt got that from both of you and your staff.

Cherry Orchard, Dublin

Sinnott Solicitors are crucial to our business. They are reliable amenable solicitors, their fees are reasonable and transparent and they actually have the best interests of our business at heart which is an invaluable support in the present climate. We would highly recommend Sinnotts and each of their Solicitors who we have dealt with on different occasions.

Shay Howlin
Managing Director, Petipop Agencies Limited, Dublin

Hi Carol,

just wanted to let you know that eventually I got my Irish passport..

Thanks very much again for all your help a few years ago.


Justin Sawabi

I found this firm an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout. Peter Burbridge Solicitor dealt with my case and he was excellent at following up and keeping me informed at all times. We had a difficult probate case and there were all sorts of stumbling blocks along the way between obtaining and interim death cert, a lis pendens registered on the property and so fourth. Peter kept the case moving and my wife and I will definitely use Sinnott Solicitors again and we shall have no hesitation in recommending this excellent firm to our family and friends. I was so impressed at the manner in which he dealt with the matter that I asked to speak to his boss Carol Sinnott to pass on my compliments to her.

G. D.
Rathmines Park

I would like to express my gratitude to Sinnott Solicitors for the excellent legal service provided in relation to my wife’s visa appeal. I was met with genuine desire to help and high professionalism. Ms Una helped me through all the steps including guiding on the supporting documents required and positive decision was granted within a matter of three weeks. I definitely recommend Sinnott solicitors to anyone else.


Sinnott are a really good solicitors firm. They dealt my personal injury case and finalised it very quickly. I was really happy with the compensation for injuries that I received. I would recommend them to anybody and I think that their good reputation is well earned.

Thank you.

Stephaine Lyons
Dublin 6

You looked after my claim with due care and attention after the squad car that I was travelling in was rear ended during the course of my duties. My colleague who recommended you found your firm a pleasure to deal with and so did I. I have since recommended your services to family members and other members of the force because I was impressed by the way my case was handled. Thank you.

Garda D. H

I was maliciously assaulted as a result of an object being thrown at me, causing me to sustain injuries during the course of my duties. The Garda compensation specialists at Sinnotts office and their Barristers gave my case prompt attention. I didn’t need to chase them about my claim. I found the opposite to be the case. I am very happy about the compensation that I obtained and about the extra services that were made known to me.

D. Garda S. H

Sinnott Solicitors guided me & my Filipina partner through the Long Stay Visa process from start to finish. At all times I found Sinnots to be prompt & professional. They always replied to my emails as quickly as possible, and gave me & my partner crystal clear instructions as to what requirements to gather to make a successful application to the INIS. In times of stress my solicitor was a calming influence, and I’m delighted to say our visa was granted at the first try. I am 100% sure their sound legal advice was the key to this. I was informed by my contacts in the legal industry that Sinnott Solicitors are the best immigration lawyers in this country, and I agree with this statement absolutely .

Conor T