“Commencement of new Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014 on 1st October 2014

The Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014 was signed into law on 27 July 2014. This Act will be commenced on 1 October 2014 and the new arrangements for employment permit applications will be rolled out on that date. These new arrangements will include nine new Employment Permit types and new Employment Permit application forms for each new permit type.

Please note that from 1 October 2014:

  • No applications submitted on the existing four application forms can be accepted by the Work Permits Section.
  • Such applications will be returned and applicants may re-submit their applications on one of the nine new 2014 applications forms.

Full details on the individual employment permit schemes, as well as the new employment permit application forms, will be published by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation on 1st October 2014.”