Important Information for Subsidiary Protection applicants


This information notice is to inform you that new arrangements and procedures for processing applications for subsidiary protection will be introduced shortly.

Under These Arrangements

  • Responsibility for processing subsidiary protection applications at first instance will be transferred from the Minister for Justice and Equality/ Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) to the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC).
  • There will be a personal interview in ORAC which is intended to establish the full details of an application and to enable a determination to be made.
  • An oral appeal to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal will be available in respect of negative ORAC decisions.

The new arrangements, which will be underpinned by necessary legislation which is being finalised, will apply to subsidiary protection applications currently on hand and to new applications.

The extent of the changes proposed in the jurisdiction of the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner and the Refugee Appeals Tribunal is considerable and detailed planning to provide for the new arrangements is at an advanced stage.

Subsidiary protection applicants whose cases are awaiting processing are not required to take any action at this stage as the INIS will be in touch with all applicants in the near future with more detailed information on the new procedures and arrangements for processing applications.

Please note that because more detailed information will issue to applicants in the near future, we are not in a position to deal with any queries on this information notice at the present time.

We are also writing individually to applicants with this information update.

Any person with a subsidiary protection application pending is at no risk of deportation.

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

1 October 2013